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I have over 20 years’ experience supporting businesses all over Scotland, from large multi-nationals to small local businesses based on a Scottish Island, believe me, I thought I had seen it all.

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Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services

Web Design

All websites are mobile and search engine friendly, all new clients get free .co.uk domain and 6 months FREE hosting as well as a FREE SSL/HTTPS certificate.

Website Design

Having a website for your local business is a huge requirement now, it has become a norm.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Would you by or use services or products from a company that only had a Facebook page?
  • Do you go online to research what you are buying?
  • Do your competitors have websites?

All websites require a home and this is what your hosting is.  I provide 6 months free hosting to all new clients.

This also comes with a free HTTPS/SSL security certificate, which is now a huge requirement for all websites.

Email Accounts

What is the point in having your own domain name if you don’t use it for email, I provide all clients with up to 10 email accounts using their domain name.

It looks far more professional.

More than just a website

Having a sleek, modern website will allow you to stand out from the competition.

But that’s not all, your website has to bring value to your business, drive leads, create deeper engagement, it’s no good if it just sits there like a signpost in the desert.

I will work with you throughout the project, to make sure we are hitting all the areas required in order for your website to be a success.

All websites come with a layer of SEO, with this I mean:

  • Technically Optimised
  • I create your Google my Business Profile
  • Keyword research for page titles
  • Images optimised

Costs vary on all websites, things to consider:

  • number of pages
  • number of products
  • content writing
  • relevant images (do you have your own?)


Let’s drive the traffic!

OK, so you have your sleek modern website (not purchased from me) and it’s not doing as you were promised.

There are many factors that can cause this:

  • Competitive Niche/Industry
  • Optimising for the wrong keywords/phrases
  • Technical aspects of the site
  • Poor online profile
  • The list is endless…

So what’s the solution?

First of all, a website audit is usually required,  I offer a Free audit as a service, this allows me to analyse your site, highlight the problem areas.

Another audit of the competition is also undertaken, find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Analysing the websites that are taking the top 3 spots on Google for the keywords you are targeting.

This is all pulled together and a roadmap created.

Web Services

Local SEO

Get your local business website working for you, having an SEO strategy is key to success for any business. No point having a website if it doesn’t bring value.

Technical SEO

This is the most important part of the process, it deals with the running of the website, the structure.

If your site doesn’t perform well technically, there is not much point in going any further with SEO.

I use various tools to analyse the structure of your site, these highlight the pain points in how it has been put together.

On Page SEO

This is how the contents of the page are displayed and optimised.

This of how a newspaper is set out with headers, subheaders, images and the text content, all this can be optimised for search engines.

Making sure your content flows, pages that should be linked are linked to show relevance (interlinking).

Relevant call to actions on the pages to help drive engagement.

Off Page SEO

This relates to all the sites linking back to yours (backlinks) as well as business citations on business directories.

The most important part of all this, especially if your a local business, is your Google My Business profile.

We also go over creating a blog, it’s one of the best ways to raise your authority within your niche/industry, it gives you a chance to write and speak to your audience answering FAQ within your blogs, introducing products, again the list is endless.

I can show you how to find blog post ideas that potential customers are already searching for.

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